Podkamennaya Tunguska

​Mountain River in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the right tributary of the Yenisei. Length of this river is 1865 km long, the basin area - 240 thousand square kilometers. It originates from Angarsk ridge and flows through the Central Siberian Plateau. Part of the river is known as Khatanga and is characterized by narrow sections with rapids.

Photo: Александр Куприянов

Natural Reserve is located in the north - western spurs of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, bordering the Central Siberian Plateau. The reserve consists of 189 cliffs and rock formations, its area - 47,219 hectares. The area has 345 species of animals and plants.

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​This Natural Reserve is one of the most hard-to- reach reserves. It is located in the south of Krasnoyarsk region on the western slopes of the Sayan Mountains, and covers an area of ​​390,368 hectares. Most of the reserve is covered with forests, inhabited by nearly 100 species of rare animals.

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The park is located in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory , on the area of 342,873 hectares. The highest peaks of the Natural Park - Aradansky peak (2466 m) and the peak of the Star (2265 m). Many glacial lakes give originality to «Ergaki».

Photo: Александр Куприянов
Stolby in winter

The main sight of the reserve is - stolby. The inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk for more than 150 years old visit reserve for active recreation and sports. During these years a social movement formed which is called – «stolbizm».

Photo: Мирон Кизесов
Mountain range in the park Ergaki

​Ice lake, centennial cedar trees, whimsical pile of stones, a starry sky, bears traces, pure rich aroma of pine needles and grass, mountain air, beautiful landscapes - all this is the Ergaki - mountain range and nature park on the border of Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia.

Photo: Мирон Кизесов

About region

About region

Our region is the second largest federal subject after the Sakha Republic: its area is 2,339,700 square kilometers (903,400 square miles),which is 13% of the country's total territory.

The region is also known under different names such as Siberia along the Yenisei River, Central Siberia and Middle Siberia, which are often mentioned in the historical, geographical and geological literature.

The region length from north to south is 2800 km. The length from west to east varies: at the widest part (70º N) it is 1250 km, at the narrowest (51º N) up to 200 km. The territory of Krasnoyarsk Krai is quite heterogeneous in the natural, economic, ethnic relations and its density.

The climate is strongly continental with large temperature variations during the year (from - 40 °C to + 45 °C).The vast territory makes it evenmore diverse. The northern and central districts of the region are different with long winter and short hot summer in the central part and chill ones in the north, which lasts about 50 days. These districts have frequentprecipitation. The south of the region has moderately severe snowless winter and warm summer (about 120 days).

The territory of Krasnoyarsk Krai experiences conditions of three climate belts: Arctic, Subarctic, and moderate. Therefore, there are not only northern and southern zones with their climate characteristics, but also western and eastern ones separated by the valley of the Yenisei River.

The average temperature in January is −36 °C (−33 °F) in the north and −18 °C (0 °F) in the south.

Where to go

Administrative center: town of Sharypovo.Population: 18,051 inhabitants.Dialing code: +7 (39153).The district has a moderate climate for Yenisei Siberia, hot summers and snowy winters, plenty of sun, beautiful scenery, convenient access roads, and, most importantly, a countless number of rivers and lakes. The main local sight here is a famous throughout Siberia group of Sharypovsky lakes (almost 3...

Turukhansky district

Administrative center: village of Turukhansk.Population: 19,934.Dialing code: +7 (39190).The largest district in the region is almost entirely within the Arctic Circle. Between the district center and...

Taseyevsky district

Administrative center: village of Taseyevo.Population: 14,785 inhabitants.Dialing code: +7 (39164).The district, most of whose territory is covered with dense forests and small rivers, is interesting ...

Things to do

Historic sites

Encyclopedia says that those sites should be called historic in whose territory the important historical eventshappened or where old buildings and structures were and sometimes are located.Therefore,e...


You can find a variety of museums in Krasnoyarsk Krai: unique and the only ones in the world, the oldest and the newest in Siberia, organized by the enthusiasts or on the request of the state. They ar...


Ecological tourism (ecotourism) as defined by WWF is tourism including travel to places with relatively undisturbed nature in order to get an idea of the natural cultural and ethnographic peculiaritie...

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