TT234 portal is created to promote tourism and recreational opportunities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory to the forefront of world tourism. We have something to show to our compatriots, and residents near and far abroad, and also countrymen, many of them traveling around the world and often do not even know how many interesting things you can see and visit at home. The main purpose of our portal – is to make the krai the most attractive area for domestic and incoming tourism.

The portal also is called to show how favorable krai is for investment in the tourism industry. It helps to shape the image of open region with an interesting history and culture, tells about the projects of the Government and non-governmental organizations in the tourism sector, offering all interested parties to participate in a common cause - raising the level of tourism services and foremost – informing.

Our traveler - held and potential, can find all important and necessary things in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Hotels and resorts, travel agencies and clubs, entertainment centers and sports facilities, unique places and large-scale events, monuments of history, archeology, architecture, sights - man-made and natural, interesting routes and ambitious projects, photos and videos - all this is!

We hope that the materials that are prepared by specialists from different branches of our portal will help you to develop domestic tourism in the areas of Krasnoyarsk region, it reminds to travelers in which interesting, full of rich traditions and culture of the region we live in, it helps to form a patriotic consciousness among the inhabitants of the Yenisei Siberia and attract attention to our guests from all over the world to visit the center of Russia.

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