Touring by car

Touring by car is not a new phenomenon in our region. Since Soviet times, Krasnoyarsk citizens went in droves to the lakes of the region and neighboring Khakassia and Tuva. They went fishing and picnicking away from civilization. Today the main touring routes have not changed. In the warmer months a string of carsarein traffic jams on the outskirts of the regional center on Friday. The townspeople go to the Krasnoyarsk Sea, Ingol, Plakhino, and to Shushenskoye on the "Sayan Ring"festival in early July.

You can easily find a road mapof Siberia near the Yenisei River in stores that can also provide you with the inquiries about themain district sites of the region, which can be reached by car that is not prepared specifically for jeep tours. Of course, not all highways in the region let you get from point A to point B without problems. However, the situation is continually improving. A deep bypass of Krasnoyarsk with the bridge over Yenisei has been completed. Zeledeyevskaya highway, which lets the inhabitants of the left bank quickly getto the beaches of the Krasnoyarsk Sea, has been asphalted. The road linking Karatuzsky District to the M54 highway has appeared.

There are more and more campsites (tent or small houses with minimal amenities)in Sharypovsky and Uzhursky districtson the banks of the Krasnoyarsk Sea, where tourists can spend the night. However, almost no places are in the south whereanyonewould have to travel for more than 24 hours. Guarded parking lots appear in places of public recreation. There is no problem to refuel a car or to purchase necessary equipment and gear for arrangement of the camps.

We would like to mention another important point about touring by car that is race. It is not the first year when the highest-level speedway “Krasnoye Koltso” (The Red Ring)in Krasnoyarsk Krai takes competitions, championships, test drives, and demonstrations.

Various motor rallies, which are willingly supported by local drivers, pass through our region. Local motorists often organize their own events timed to significant dates or raids to remote places in search of adventure. Auto quests are also popular in Krasnoyarsk. You can always find the organizers of such events via the Internet.

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