City Day and District Day

City Day and Village Day are traditionally the main celebrations of all localities in Krasnoyarsk Krai. There are birthdays of regional districts, urban districts, and rural settlements. Somewhere they are celebrated noisily, but in other places, they are only in the documents.

So how is it decided what day and month should be chosen for the celebration? It is either the date of establishment of a settlement (e.g. the day of laying first house foundation in Zelenogorsk in 1956) or the date of assignment to a particular status (e.g. Divnogorsk became a town of regional subordination in 1963).

In many cities and districts the main holiday coincides with the state one (Krasnoyarsk City Day on June 12 is also Russia Day) or the professional one (Metallurgist Day in Norilsk). Holidays generally fall on summer weekends. The harsh climate of Central Siberia is not suitable for entertainment events of such scale in other seasons.

Cities, villages, and districts tend to tell as much as possible about their achievements celebrating the birthdays. Apart from the ceremonial part with congratulations from officials, there is always a cultural and entertainment program with folk bands performances, playgrounds, fairs of industrial goods and handicrafts. Sometimes special guest stars are invited. Food fairs are opened, parades and carnivals are held. The holiday is usually timed to the opening of new monuments, the completion of extensive restoration works, the launching of new facilities into operation and some important interesting events (festivals, forums, and contests). Mass festivities and fireworks conclude the holiday.

Cities Days of the region:

Krasnoyarsk — on June 12
Achinsk — on the third Sunday of June
Bogotol — on the first Saturday of August
Borodino — on the last Sunday of August
Divnogorsk — a town of regional subordination status was obtained on February 1, 1963 (celebrated on June 1)
Dudinka — on the last Saturday of June
Yeniseisk — on the first Saturday of July
Zheleznogorsk — on the last Saturday of July
Zelenogorsk — on the third Saturday of July (laying first house foundation in 1956)
Norilsk — on the third Sunday of July (Metallurgist Day)
Sharypovo — on the first Sunday of August
Sosnovoborsk — on the third Saturday of August

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