Jeep tours

"There are no roads in Russia, only directions!" This emotionally said Napoleon’s phrase, in fact, reflects the basic idea of such kind of rest as jeep tours. No wonder these tours are so popularin our vast region,where the asphalted road is no more than one tenth of the total number. After all, you must admit that it is a stupid idea to drive them on asphalt.

Off-road, wetland, swamps, rivers whose channels may become a part of the route, winter roads, gravel and dirt roads, logging roads are the reasonwhy jeeps embark on a journey. However, it does not mean that the people who drive them are only interested in diving into the mud and pulling their warhorses out of there. Of course, this is an indispensable attribute of traveling, but you can also see a variety of interesting objects (historic sites, archeological sites, architectural sites, natural sites) driving on the route. There are jeep tours that timed to the historical dates or repeat the routes of great travelers and expeditions. There are also tours in support of the significant events of the region. Anyway, allyouneedisareason.

All Russian jeep tours can be divided into three categories depending on the personal involvement form of the tourist:

  • Passengers (a guide is behind the wheel);
  • Drivers in a rented SUV (an instructor is either a navigator or an escort attendant);
  • Drivers in own SUV (an instructor is in an escort vehicle).

One more category is a tour organized without the participation of travel agencies (“Us for ours”). As a rule, all members of such trip have their own cars or become members of crews at the invitation of the organizers.

All this lets you either get experience to manage a jeep and practice driving through windfall area, orget more extreme visitinginaccessible places being a passenger. Another advantage of jeep tours is that you do not need to drag a bunch of luggage.

If we talk about the purposes of jeep tours, they are divided into four types:

  • Vacation: family and friendly trips on a moderate off-road terrain with an interesting excursion program;
  • Test drive: off-road gear, vehicles, clothing and accessories that are suitable for the difficult routes;
  • Sofa extreme: 1-2-day travel on the pre-prepared tracks of easy or medium difficulty with small wades, a couple of puddles and mud, which are not serious enough to be a real obstacle, but let urban residents feel themselves as pioneers.
  • Corporate leisure: the raid serves as a way of team building.

The period of most jeep tours in Siberia is from late spring to mid-fall and winter, but off-season tours cannot be excluded. It all depends on the places on which participants are going to drive. Old partially or completely abandoned tracts are popular in the region: Yekaterininsky, Usinsky, Staronifantyevsky, Chervyansky. The roads to the abandoned mines of the Sayan Mountains (Yulyevsky and Talovsky) are as well-known as the alternative routes to the famous natural sites.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that not every jeep you have bought, whether it is UAZ, Niva or a Japanese car, is able to withstand a real off-road trip. Thereare companies in Krasnoyarsk that can upgrade your car and prepare it for a jeep tour.Maybe it makes sense to take advantage of their services before you go jeep touring. And what can be even better is to find like-minded people.

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