Skiing and snowboarding

Slopes for every taste and all types of snow are a business card of winter extreme in Krasnoyarsk Krai and its nearest neighbors. Prepared tracks and virginlands, artificial and natural snow, comfortable chair lifts and surface lifts of all kinds, snowcats and snowmobiles, cozy camp sites and rented apartments, vigorous mulled wine and scented tea can be found in the Sayan Mountains and their foothills, in the spurs of Kuznetsk Alatau and above the Arctic Circle. It is no longer difficult to choose a location for skiing and to find a good instructor.

Only Krasnoyarsk and its neighborhoods have six differently equipped ski resorts with the tracks of all complexity levels. The left bank has "NikolaevskayaSopka", and the right bank has "Bobroviy Log" and "Kashtak". A slope closed to public access is in the Ust-Mana village at one of the campsites. "Divniy" and "FilaretovKlyuch" are in Divnogorsk. All resorts, except for "Bobroviy Log", have platter lifts and real snow, which forgives the beginners to do any mistake unlike artificial one, but the latter allows to develop a higher speed. In general, it all depends on the preferences of thrill-seekers.

Let us move to the south in search of some small cozy resorts. After all, slopes are able to pall, and winter is long in the region.Ski resort "Divnaya" has been working for several years in Idrinsky district on the Kortuz ridgenear theDobromyslovsky village. Another resort "Belaya Vorona" is in Kuraginsky district near Krasnokamensk. Here are platter lifts, natural snow, and a place to stay and eat. If you want more comfort in terms of lifting (not a secret that platter lifts are not easy to handle with), come to the "Extreme-Farm"thatis neartheBystraya village in Minusinsk district. Thisplacehaschairlifts.

Further south is one of the favorite places among Krasnoyarsk free riders, the Ergaki Range. Some of the local tourist centers have their own surface lifts (old tatteredby public "frogs" and advanced "mops").Snowcats and snowmobiles are for freeriding. In fact, that is why snow extreme fans come here. The Ergaki virgin land is fluffy and soft as butter. The tracks here are simple and short, and the famous local fir trees strive to stand in the way.

The neighbors of regional resorts also keep it up.The Gladenkaya Mountain near Sayanogorsk in Khakassiais very popular. It has the longest track in Siberia near the Yenisei River, which is 4200 meters! There are all types of snow and surface lifts, prepared slopes and virgin land with a beautiful view of the Borus Mountain and the Sayano-Shushenskaya dam, whose proximity makes the snow soft and prefect for skiing or snowboarding.

Kuznetsk Alatau also has something to please the people fallen in love with snow. Four prepared tracks are awaiting everyone in a place called Salanga on the border with the Kemerovo region. They are not too sophisticated, but with a varied topography and an inexpensive platter lift. There are no localities apart from the two campsites by the mountain here, but the train stopsfor10 minutes so that plenty of thrill-seekers candisembark onto the platform with all their gear and equipment.

For those, who do not like standing in lines and pushing on the slopes, it makes sense to visit Priiskovy, Khakassia in the spurs of Kuznetsk Alatau. There is nothing except freeriding and snowcats. There is always a lot of snow that lets you ride almost 10 months a year.

Finally, there is the Otdelnaya Mountain in the north close to Norilsk. The best time for skiing is April and May when it is warm, much snow, and little wind. Platter lift "mop"has been working since 1977 (renovated in 2005). Ski history of the Otdelnaya Mountain has been almost 50 years so far!

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