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Motorcycle touring, a popular phenomenon in our country since Soviet times, is now experiencing a rebirth. The possibilities of modern technology allow the owners to travel around the world at any time of the year on any roads. Actually, the roads attract travelers who are too lazy to pedal and think that touring by car seems too sofa like. On a motorcycle, you can cover a long distance in a short time and get to the places that cannot be reached by other types of transport.Motorcycle is highly mobile and you cannot compare the pleasure of the wind crashing into thehelmet with anything else.

Motorcycle touring popularity in Russia was also contributed with the adventure of the world-famous British actorsEwan McGregor and Charley Boormann.They dashingly rode across the former Soviet Union a few years ago (with a stop in Krasnoyarsk as well) as part of the world tour. Their trip on Siberian roads was repeatedly demonstrated on TV. Moreover, they spoke well of Russian motorcycles that were capable of driving through the tundra and off-road areas in a much more successful and faster way than their heavy brand bikes. It was also much easier to fix a Russian bike in the field. One of the travelers even bought "Izh" motorcycle for his collection.

Motorcycle touring (just like any type of tourism) is not only an opportunity to see the world and meet lots of people, butalso a great leisure, which combines physical exercise, change of impressions, the acquisition of exceptionally technical knowledge and driving skills, and a test for strength. It also serves as a training school for various types of motorcycle competitions such as rally and stage race.

Unfortunately, Krasnoyarsk Krai cannot be calleda motorcycle touring paradise. Groups of travelers usually pass through the M53 or M54 highway heading to the Altai, Tuva or Baikal. Our website’s aim is to rectify the situation by telling about the unique sites of the region, which could become an important point on the route of bikers.

As regards moto occasions and sporting events with the participation of motorcyclists, there are a lot of them held in Krasnoyarsk. Detailed information can be easily found on the website of Motorcycle Federation of Krasnoyarsk Krai.


Motorcycle Federation of Krasnoyarsk Krai official website

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