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Beach vacation in the center of Siberia, why not? The temperature in the summer is often above 30° C, and not only in the south but also in the Arctic Circle. By the way, the tan you get in the north remains much longer than the one you get in the south. Only midges can bother you while having fun. There are equipped beaches on the lakes near Norilsk. Everywhere is a paradise for those who prefer water cleanliness over its temperature!

But still, most of the beaches both equipped and wild are located in the forest-steppe part of the region. It should be mentioned that there are places for swimming and sunbathing in almost every locality of the region. However, not all of them are suitable for swimming according to the SEC. The temperature of most waterbodies is not for every vacationer, but Siberians and our guests should not be frightened of, considering the unique composition of water, therapeutic mud and silt of our lakes.

Beach vacation is one of the most common kinds of recreational tourism, which is characterized by a great length of staying in one place and quite monotonous form of recreation: swimming, sunbathing, eating a large amount of food, plenty of sleep, and outdoor games.

It can be added with the following activities:

  • treatment with brine, mud, silt, mineral water (if there are sources close to the beach);
  • water activities (surfing, boating, catamaran sailing, banana sailing, water skiing and jet skiing, diving);
  • gathering mushrooms, berries and herbs (where they have not been picked by the other tourists);
  • sightseeing of the nearby places;
  • night disco and open airs (if you are at the resorts).

Here are the best beaches of Krasnoyarsk Krai: the Krasnoyarsk Sea coast (Balakhta, Krasnoturansk, Novoselovsky, Idrinsky, and Minusinsk districts), Shumikhinsky Bay near the Krasnoyarsk hydropower plant, and the wild beaches of the Sayan-Shushenskoye reservoir, which can be reached only by boat.

In the south of the region the following lakes seem to be very popular: Tagarskoe, Bolshoi i Malyi Kyzykul in Minusinsk district, and the river Tuba in Kuraginsky district. In the west there is a beach vacation paradise of the region, a group of Sharypovsky lakes. More than ten freshwater reservoirs of different shapes and sizes are among tourists’ interest, for example, Ingol, Bolshoye (Parnoye), Krugloye and Tsingol. There are such salty lakes in Uzhursky district as famous all over Russia healing Uchum and its younger brother Solbat as well as freshwater Krasnoye, Kosogol, Kruglenkoye.

Other lakes of the region are also interesting, even though not so famous: therapeutic Plakhino, Holentei, and Svyatoye in Abansky district, Deshembinskoe in Kezhemsk district, Monastyrskoye in Yeniseisk district, Ulyukol, Masleevo, and Tarai in Dzerzhinsk district. On the banks of Angara you can find lovely places for sunbathing. It gets warm in the water reaches, and sandbars and islands can be a great place for taking some pictures. There are wonderful wild beaches on Chulym, Kana, and Kemchug, and on lakes in the suburbs of Achinsk, Nazarovo, and Sharypovo.

There are places to sunbathe in and next to Krasnoyarsk too:

  • the beaches on the island of Otdykha and the island of Tatyshev;
  • on the lake of meat processing plant;
  • in Ust-Mana on the Mansky reach;
  • in Sukhobuzimsky district on the lakes Buzim and Abakshinskoe;
  • in Mansky district on the Esaulovka river;
  • on the Barkhatovo pond near Sosnovoborsk;
  • on the city lake of Zheleznogorsk.

Thrill seekers will enjoy the opportunity to freshen up in the protected lakes of the Eastern and Western Sayan: Tagasuk, Tiberkul, Mozharskoye, Oiskoye, Svetloye, Krasnoye, and many others.

Anyway, come to Krasnoyarsk Krai for the Siberian health!

Beaches of Krasnoyarsk Krai

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