Bicycle touring

Someone may be surprised to know that in the region, which is covered with snow more than 6 months a year, there are moreactive cyclists (such ones who ride not only around the island of Tatyshev on the weekends) than anywhere else in Russia! Many Krasnoyarsk citizens knowabout bicycle touring at first hand. Yes, some of them prefer riding far away from the native city, but most people spend their holidays and vacations traveling about on the roads of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Modern bicycle is almost like a cross-country vehicle. A cyclist can always carry his or her bike there where the infantry cannot go through or it has never smelled like asphalt. Bicycle touring in the region is available and exciting because of:

  • Availability of cycling gear and spare parts;
  • Professional Krasnoyarsk servicemen that can prepare your bicycle for hiking over rough terrain;
  • A huge number of showplaces(both man-made and natural);
  • Clean water in rivers and streams;
  • No problems with the firewood, almost no prohibitions on setting up tents;
  • Responsiveness of the Siberians and their willingness to help all travelers.

The overwhelming majority of cyclists organize their own trips. All you need is a will, a map,a sum of money, and strength in the legs. We also have our legendary personalities who do not just ride around the neighborhoods, but alsorepeat the routes of pioneers and involuntary travelers. You can get familiar with their records and find out about their plans on the cycling Internet forum of Krasnoyarsk

As mentioned above, there are no barriers for cyclists. They can get to the most remote showplaces and historic sites. For example, the Ob-Yenisei Canal andold mines in the Eastern Sayan, abandoned old believers trailsof Zamanye and triangulation checkpoints on the snowbound mountain tops, the remains of Yekaterininsky tract and the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Anything can be a riding theme: rock painting of Angara and Tobansk-Tubinsk area, natural sites of Ermakovskyand Shushensky districts, recreation on the lakes. Of course, most of the cycling tours take place in the southern and central parts of the region. The swampy soil and permafrost in the north can turn any riding into dragging, according to experienced cyclists.

Cycling tour is easy to combine with walking and sometimes water tours. It is a cheap and affordable way to see the unique places in Central Siberia. However, a lack of physical fitness is the only thing that can overshadow cyclists. Those, who do not feel the strength to go on self-contained multi-day trips in the full armor, can go on weekend tours with escort vehicles (popularly called “deadman carrier”). There are travel agencies that organize such toursand cycling trips in the city.

If you are interested in a bicycle not as a way of transportation, but in terms of sporting interest, we recommend participating in the marathon, which is annually held by Krassport for everyone in mid-June. And the annual cycling festival Pervomai is aperfect way to know whether you like bicycle touring or not.

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