The portal is intended to promote the Krasnoyarsk Territory as a tourist destination in the domestic and international market, favorable for tourism and investment, the development of tourism in the territory, forming the image of the discovery and development region, informing the public and investors about the activities and projects of the Government of the Territory in the field of tourism in the region.

The target audience
1. Tourists
2. travel agencies
3. Communities (alpinists, extreme athletes, etc.)
4. Investors and entrepreneurs
5. Municipal entities
6. Partners in the regions
7. Press (media who writes about tourism).

The purpose of the portal
Attracting tourists to the region, providing information on tourist and recreational resources of the region, tourism companies and their activities, everything that happens in regional tourism.

The main tasks of the portal
1. Attracting tourists in the Krasnoyarsk region.
2. Providing information about tourism opportunities to host tourists.
3. Informing about events, projects, etc. for each target segment.

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