Population: 112,901 inhabitants.
Dialing code: +7 (39151).

Achinsk is the third town in the regions in terms of population after Krasnoyarsk and Norilsk. It is an industrial center and a railway junction, located on the right bank of the Chulym River in the Arga ridges.

History and culture
People came to the banks of the Chulym 30,000 years ago and materials of Achinsk paleontological site, which now stored in the museum of local lore, are evidence of this fact. Among the notable finds is an ancient in human history lunar calendar.

A stockaded town of Achinsk was built by the Cossacks on 25 July 1641 at the Beliy Iyus River. However, after a fire happened in 1683, the town was moved to the Chulym River where it meets the Achinka River. Achinsk quickly moved from the category of military camps collecting tribute to the merchant "class" town. In the central part of the town, you can still see the old historic buildings. Transports from China went through the town. There was a big transit prison. After the Trans-Siberian railway appeared, industrial development of Achinsk began.

Sights and events
In 1990, Achinsk was included in the official list of Russian cities and towns of historical and cultural value of the all-Russian significance. At various times, Achinsk was visited by Abram Gannibal, Aleksandr Radishchev, Nikolai Chernyshevsky and Anton Chekhov. Actress Marina Ladynina and olympic champion Svetlana Masterkova began their careers here.

The museum, opened in the house of merchant Mokrousov in 1887, is one of the oldest in the region. During the last renovation of the building, construction workers discovered a secret underground passage that goes to the riverbank. In the old days, horse carts with goods moved through it. During the revolution, the passage was swamped.

A walk along the ancient Achinsk can be started at the former Market Square, which has houses of the 18th-19th centuries. Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, built in 1832 and reopened in 1996 after restoration. Photographers and architecture lovers will probably enjoy the buildings of the former synagogue and a girls' school (now it is Pedagogical College), the former public meeting house (now it is Theatre of Drama), House of Blackheads and Domsky Cathedral.

Modern history is reflected in the monument to Achisnk patriots, on whose funds a tank column and a squadron "Boyevaya podruga" were established. During 1941-1943, residents gave almost 7 million rubles to the needs of the front. Visit the memorial "Skorbyashchaya mat", in honor of fellow compatriots who died in the Great Patriotic War, and the monument to a war poet Boris Bogatkov.

Museum of local lore named after D.S. Kargapolov, 20 Lenina Street, phone number: +7 (39151) 50-837.
Museum and Exhibition Center, 3 Microdistrict №8, phone number: +7 (39151) 75-468.

Notable people
Dmitri Pavlovich Davydov – an ethnographer, a nephew of Denis Davydov, the author of the words of the song "Glorious Sea - sacred Baikal" (Slavnoye more – svyashchenniy Baikal), born in Achinsk.
Vasily Grigoryevich Yan (Yanchevetsky) – a writer, a playwright, worked as a teacher at a local school in 1919.
Aleksandr Diomidovich Kravchenko – an MP of Achinsk Council in 1917, the commander of the paritsan army.
Petr Yefimovich Shchetinkin – a chief of Kravchenko’s partisan army.
Daniil Achinsky – a saint of the Russian Church.
Nikita Fedotovich Lebedenko – a hero of the Soviet Union, lieutenant general, the military commander of Vienna in 1945.

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